All sales are final.



We will only accept returns and replacements on actually defective product.  The buyer is responsible for the return postage and if the product is deemed to not be defective and/or a result of human error or breakage due to human error it will be shipped back to customer.  No exceptions!  Sun-Vapers will solely determine if a product is defective by comparing with a working unit and thorough testing.  Sun-Vapers has extensive troubleshooting capability and will identify the issue if it exist.


Returns procedure

Please do not send product back until we have given to go ahead.  Use the support top on the top of this website first.  Email is our preferred contact method of choice on these matters so we can archive all responses.  Once you have been given the go ahead you will have 7 days to return product or we will cancel your request.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded. Do NOT use signature confirmation.

Merchandise returned without authorization will be thrown away at the expense of the customer.

In certain situations, a restocking fee of up to 25% may apply.

We will not replace any atomizer heads on any used product.  If for some reason you feel the atomizer head did not meet your expectation you should simply change it out.  If the heads are improperly manufactured please contact us.  Depending on your liquid and flavoring you may get only 1 day out of an atomizer head and some people have claimed 1 month!  Truthfully it’s about 1-5 days and it leans closer to 2 days with the darker more flavorful e-liquids.  There are ways to extend the life of the atomizer, but we will not address that here.



Batteries (excluding unprotected lithium ion)

You have 15 days on all electronic devices, batteries and mods.  Please ship it back if it’s defective we will immediately replace it. (We do NOT have a warranty or guarantee against raw unprotected lithium batteries. Only against DOA. )


Unprotected batteries

We do not warranty or support any unprotected battery. This is a sensitive and consumable item.  We do protect against DOA with a 12 hour notification window.


Leaking products

Where is it leaking from?  Are you going from hot to cold?  Cold to hot? Did you leave it in the car?  Is the liquid acidic?  Know your product before opening a ticket.  “My product is leaking” does not help us help you. These carry liquids of different viscosity and have different methods of vaporizing.  Knowing the what, where, and when can help us solve the why and the how.

A product that leaks is not always defective. A product that gurgles may need a bit of a tweak.  Research combined with common sense is key when vaping.


Can I appeal this policy?

Yes, we are not some corporate bureaucracy.

We may make amendments to this as needed.  If you feel that we should make an exception to this policy we will give you a chance to voice your concern.  Please be warned if we make an exception it will be on our terms.  But Sun-Vapers has been known to have good customer service in lieu of this harsh return policy.  Bottom line if we think your claim is frivolous then it defaults to this page.  However if we recognize that it was not the most optimal of transactions we have been known to bend or even discard this policy. We don’t want to get exploited.  Nicotine addiction affects everyone, of all backgrounds, IQ levels and incomes.  This means that on occasion someone is going to come and screw us and we won’t let that happen as the cost gets passed on the consumer indirectly.  As we said we are not some corporate monster we are American consumers just like you and we can empathize.  So if you think that we should make an exception and you believe that your product warrants a return.

Shoot us a message by clicking support at the top of this page.



The following examples are no longer reasons for a return

I picked the wrong color.
The hue is slightly off from the picture I was expecting. (added 4/3/2013)
I don’t know what I am doing.
The threading does not fit my setup.
I cannot figure out how to use it.
I dropped it and it broke.
The atomizer head only lasted me a few days.
The flavor is not as good as device “xyz”.
I like a smaller/larger air hole.
I burnt it out too quick.
It’s not as satisfying as a real cigarette.
I decided I rather smoke.
I quit everything cold turkey.



Learn your product. You have to WANT to vape as the alternative is far easier.

It requires a bit of YouTube, a bit of googling and a whole lot of common sense and creativity.  Forgive my brutal honesty as you will come to appreciate guys like me down the road.

-Edward @