Users who purchased before this post still have 15 days grandfathered in.

Due to the extreme amount of new vapers entering the world of vaporizing daily and its very technical nature I can no longer support a 15 day return policy on opened products at these price points.

Effective immediately all sales are final.

I will only accept returns and replacements on actually defective product.  The buyer is responsible for the return postage and if the product is deemed to not be defective and/or a result of human error or breakage due to human error it will be shipped back to customer.   No exceptions.   Sun-Vapers will solely determine if a product is defective by comparing with a working unit.  Sun-Vapers has extensive troubleshooting capability and will identify the issue if it exist.

You must get permission to send back first.

Please do not send product back until we have given to go ahead. Use [email protected] first.  Email is our preferred contact method of choice on these matters.  Once you have been given the go ahead you will have 7 days to return product or we will cancel your request.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded.

Merchandise returned without authorization will be thrown away at the expense of the customer.

Atomizer heads.

We will not replace any atomizer heads on any used product.  If for some reason you feel the atomizer head did not meet your expectation you should simply change it out.

The following examples are no longer reasons for a return.

  • I picked the wrong color.
  • I don’t know what I am doing.
  • The threading does not fit my setup.
  • I cannot figure out how to use it.
  • I dropped it and it broke.
  • The atomizer head only lasted me a few days.
  • The flavor is not as good as device “xyz”.
  • I burnt it out too quick.
  • Its not as satisfying as a real cigarette.

We may make amendments to this as needed.

The Blog part starts here: So what happened?

I started this site in July, and we have grown steadily ever since.  After January 2013 there was an explosion in business, its called in the industry “new years resolution vapers” with all the added news and attention surrounding personal vaporizers and the FDA we are seeing traffic triple and quadruple like never before.  Unfortunately our sales reflect the “new” nature of our clients as they will buy one single item and then ask for a refund if they cannot figure it out.  They are quick to blame “quality control” after we receive it back I cannot find anything wrong or there is evidence they broke it while playing around. (Tried to fit eVod base into a T3 and stripped the threads, used a pair of channel locks to tighen it down. etc)

We also had an experience with a user’s returning colors we did not even carry of eVod. The purple and blue colors look similar from a distance but they are totally different.   Thus proving there is a level of dishonesty that is slowly killing Sun-Vapers. (They buy from different vendor, break the item then buy from us to be able to return the broken one because the other vendor has a strict return policy in place already)

Vaporizing is technical and some items are simply not for everyone.

As you may know personal vaporizing is technical and absolutely nothing like a cigarettes.  To make it cost effective requires some talent, patience and a bit to technical know how and most importantly research. Its an industry that grew on the internet so at its core its technical because the people who made it what it is today were the “techie” types.

If you struggle with things that are technical its advisable to get some help from someone who understands the products or visit a brick and mortar store with knowledgeable employees.  But don’t start with a discount site and youtube and hope for the best, its becomes an expensive nightmare really quick for some and many will fail and go back to smoking.


Learning on your own as most of us did in the early days can be a pain in the ass and expensive the first 3 months as you trial and error your way to the perfect setup.

Even with help and YouTube videos its still going to take some time to understand the quirks in your setup.  The better performing items are almost always the hardest and most expensive to work with so even if someone rants and raves how good something is.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL LIKE IT WITHOUT WORK AND EXPERIANCE.

This is the trade off:

Better performance = a tedious and manual experience.   This is true of just about anything in life.


2 thoughts on “Change to return policy to take effect immediately.

  1. Ray says:

    Good for you Edward. You have been too kind to people in the past it appears. I am an electronic tech. so the basics of the electronic vaporizer is second nature to me but I still spent a lot of money at first finding the perfect setup for myself. I’ve learned that what you like isn’t going to be what everyone else likes and parts are going to fail or never work at all. It’s part of the game and you can live with it and still save money over buying analogs.

    • William Crawford says:

      The costs of being healthier, its still cheaper then smoking related health care. I smell better, feel better, and I don’t have to go outside for a smoke. Now, I just go in the restroom or stairwell for a couple real quick vapes. Learning can be expensive, but not as much as taking classes. Knowledge always seems to cost something, if nothing else it will cost time. Make no mistake, you will see a variety of options and most likely you will experiment with different rigs, that’s natural. Do the research, there are forums out there that have the answers to your questions and/or will lead you to something new, but then you have to research that as well. There is most definitely a learning curve to vaping and many options and it can become a hobby. You can keep it simple or break it down to a fine science, that’s totally your choice.

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