The SOCC and the VOCC will replace the Single and Dual Coils from Kanger.

Kanger has updated both the single coil and the dual coil to new cotton coils and has given them new names. While near visually the same to the untrained eye, the differences are significant and users should be informed so they can get the most out of their coils.  In this post we will cover the single coils first, and a separate blog post to cover the new VOCC/Dual Coil switch.

TIP:  Don’t freak out!  This box is only thing visually different aside from the fluffier external wicks.

Kanger Dual Coils Upgraded
KangerTech Single Coil

Lets break em down!


No more top wicks!

In this image we can see that there is a large difference between the silica and cotton. The cotton coil is fluffier and possibly improves both leaking and wick ability.  Because of so many liquids and vaping styles its hard to tell if this will be an improvement overall or a downgrade.  We do not want to advertise in either direction.

One thing is for sure, the flavor wicks gone on the cotton going away is an AWESOME deal as these were easy to move and mis-align.

Coil seems to contact the substrate more.

A very close up look at the coil reveals how neat the new coil is wrapped.  We did not seek out the coil for photography. This coil was picked out of the first box we were able to open. Also the fanning out of the wick opening almost make it seem as if these could leak a bit less than thier silica predecessor.

SOCC up Close


Really its the same coil with cotton and without the two little silica “flavor wicks” (the expression used back in the day).  This change is much smaller than what Kanger did to the Dual Coil.   I think this change is going to be positive and even bring back many users of the single coil looking for low wattage and low cost vaping solutions that do NOT burn through juice.

We actually have had this product for a few weeks making sure we were not promoting a dud or a gimmick.  I can honestly say the feedback is mostly positive and I also thank Kanger for continuing to update their products and not leaving their fan base of Protank and evod fans behind.

That is the mark of a good company.

5 thoughts on “The MT32 SOCC Coil is an update to the Kanger Single Coil. (Photo Breakdown)

  1. Bill says:

    While you were out of stock of the VOCC for my protank 3 ( I own 3) I needed a coil replacement and got one from a friend who just got some from Ebay. (I get my coils and juice from you) Any way the coils I got from him were 1.5 OHM the same I got from you last time. There was a huge difference. The diameter of new updated coil he gave me the tube opening was at least 15% smaller!! This totally changed the draw that I love about the protank 3 Both coils say and read 15 OHM.
    I was just getting ready to order my juice and saw this posting. I do not see how you can say there is little difference. I am so disappointed I thinking of trashing the 3 tanks and going to a different brand. There is one other possibility. He was burned with a knockoff or factory reject.
    I am ordering today a box of coils with my juices. I am just posting this so vaper,s be ware. I hope SunVapers i right and my buddy just got burned.

    • Edward Newman says:

      The comment there is little difference come from testing. I mean if you are a full time Protank 3 dual coil user, you may be more sensitive to a coil change than someone who is simply testing the new coil to make sure it does not leak or burn. As far as airflow, its may have changed. Did you receive your coil yet?

      • William says:

        I guess you may not have seen my reply since I posted it as a new comment and it is waiting moderation. The reality is that as stated in a review my of the coils in March by Keven H holds true today except more vendors on line are selling the crap knockoffs showing white Kanger packaging not and images of the oval juice holes. I would love to write a review and point this out. I ordered another box of coils today since I did dry burn 2 of them on max vg juice MY FAULT.

  2. William says:


    What I was given WAS A KNOCK OFF.

    I received my order and at a glance they look the same !! Both read 1.5 OHM and were 1.5 on my mod.

    For anyone reading this there are 2 easy to see differences once you know!! 1. The holes for the juice pickup are oval not round. 2. Looking at the air pickup hole and tube was visibly smaller than my old 1.5 and the new one I got from you. My guess is a factory reject, or knockoff with 1.5 coil and stamp on and in a 2 ohm unit.

    There are some other differences but harder to see. I looked at ones on Ebay and loads of sellers all selling these crappy knockoffs as originals.”New upgraded coils” I would be careful even walking into a vape shop to get coils after this.

    No way for a buyer to be ware.

    GO Sun Vapers!! Quality and integrity!!

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