Due to gradual increase in volume of orders our policy must change.

Effective after this blog post.

Change from 4:30pm cut of to 11:59pm.  All FIRST CLASS orders will be dropped at the post office the next following day.

This will be reflected in our shipping policy ASAP.

We are sorry for the fans of our fast shipping but we cannot keep up any more and our unspoken policy of under promise and over deliver is getting harder and harder to keep as our website continues to grow even as our supply continues to shrink. Even something as getting sick or low toner can be a major set back for our time frames.

San Diego County residents and Priority rate purchasers!!!!!!

I will still honor a 4:00pm cut off time to stay competitive locally, this will not change.  If you are a San Diego resident and its not obvious from your address. Please include in the notes “San Diego county resident” or shoot me an email with your order number to help me notice your are in San Diego County. (its a big county BTW )

Priority rate purchases before 4pm will still go out same day.  I will not add additional hindrance to persons who are looking to expedite their orders by purchasing priority rate shipping.

One thought on “Small change to shipping policy.

  1. Faheem says:

    Looking to sell your products in South Africa .the guys here are too ridiculous with prices.mail me price list please thank you

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