Ok its a sponge…

Ok so its not a real product its a sponge and I am parodying all the other sites that claim to be unique while selling a “freshly reinvented wheel” constantly.

Hey everyone we just made a new wheel that is square and heavy for your pleasure.  Just use lots more effort and watch that thing roll like crazy… [long pause and loud grunting heard] …one time on its side!!!! The square wheel is only $24.99 and keep in mind when exposed to water it will melt… if you want the water proof one we also have a wheel made of glass too…”

But with all that in mind this blog post is still very helpful. No I am not selling it.  Its a sponge.  I am showing how I work with and test bottom coils at my desk.  I go through 10-15mls of liquid in a 1 hour period.  How?  Because I am testing!!!  When you go through tons of liquid and make lots of messes I realized napkins are messy and they fill up my trash can and they cost alot. Duh!

I used to call it my “degurgling sponge” because the testing I was doing me simply trying to unflood the T3 with the least amount of effort but you can call it a refilling station or a sponge if you want.  It works great for de-gurgling and I am back up and vaping in seconds!!!!

Keep away from pets or small children if using nicotine based liquids. 

This is me letting a purple T3 dry after a dip in hot boiling water.


I gave the Kanger Protank a wash and let it dry overnight.  When you are using this to deflood you can simply leave the liquid in and let it drain from the shaft and atomizer into the sponge.  Top it off, screw everything back together and keep on vaping baby!

You can also press down on the 510 threading side to get stubborn liquid sopped out of the 510 threads where the atomizer is screwed in.  In this picture the shaft is pressed into the cut.  I used an exacto knife to make the holes.  Sometimes you should wet the sponge place the items inside the holes and let it dry.  This makes for a nice stiff holder.  YES, you can remove the atomizer from the base too and stick the bottom of that in a hole. 


Its only crooked because I tipped it on its side to fill it. It really holds shape well. So whether your waiting for the center air tube to drain out or refilling.  You are now closer to being mess free.  How many times have you got a T3 or eVod center tube filled with liquid and now its on your pants. DSC_1398

Watch it sop up this fake spill.


Absorbent on PG and VG as the paper towel is.


Sometimes you will have the “gurgles” in your bottom coils you can use a straw to blow out the center pipe if you do not want to get eliquid touching your mouth.  If there is no flow lift up on the base.  Flip around the Kanger Protank base do the same thing and blow in the opposite direction while pressing the 510 thread into the sponge for maximum dryness.  Top it off and vape.  Use common sense, I cannot stress this enough.   Before someone who has no brain asks, this is a Arby’s soft drink straw.  No I do not sell it. 



You may like that if your in a hurry you can run a Q-Tip cleanly down the pipe of the protank and if you peel back the cotton a bit you can do this on an eVod too. (But not a T3)  But it works great for a protank for condensation.  I also used a thin wooden dowel rod with a piece of thin cotton cloth.  Works great and you can rinse the cloth out to save money.   Be creative, we still have freedom to think. Again use common sense.  Make sure nothing is left in the tube before vaping.  Dont choke on me. DSC_1402

Saving juice?You could drain them back in the bottle? (I left the base on for the photo but you would need to remove the base to free up the vacuum in the air tube) -Thanks for the tip.  Credit goes to ed8020 on reddit.


The Kanger Protank, eVod and T3 bottom coil refilling station conclusion.

This blog post is only a guide.    Follow the ideas given and make them your own.  If you improve this or have better ideas let me know.  I want to share with the world.  I cannot entertain questions about my products when the answers are too obvious.  At the end of the day its still a 50 cent sponge with holes cut in it.  Figure it out yourself. LOL!!!!

Off topic note about bottom coil gurgling; I am going to start posting more of this everywhere because it should be known.

  • Add wicking material (a bit harder, read my blog to learn how) you may need to use less voltage after this has been done.
  • Increase voltage or wattage as you approach empty to compensate for overwicking (works well on 6v mods)
  • Top off regularly to maintain vacuum pressure (Easy to manage and best results)
  • USE THICK LIQUIDS VG based work well (easy to manage) People who claim their pure PG “used to work on another vendors T3” etc are just bullshitting or really lucky.  I cannot provide refunds or exchanges if you will not listen to sound advice.
  • Make sure airflow is not choked off.  (Create’s a counter vacuum that sucks liquid into the airflow shaft instead of air)
  • Completely deflood atomizer and air flow shafts, once it gurgles it will not stop until its cleared. (must do after it gurgles)
  • Use deflooding sponge to sop up excess liquid from 510 connector. (easy to manage)

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Sun-Vapers T3, eVod, and Protank refilling station. Only at Sun-Vapers.com

  1. Nancy B says:

    I like your sponge idea with slots added!! Thanks!

    I use EVODs and after I fill them, screw on the base, I will turn the tank right side up and blow into the mouthpiece while holding a cloth loosely around the base’s air holes – this action blows out most any liquid in the air passages and the cloth or papertowel soaks up the juice. (I will try the q-tip idea.)

    Another thing to stop EVOD gurgling: take a 2nd silicon tube/cap with hole in one end and put it on the atty’s post, facing the opposite direction as the first one covering the coil and wick. This makes it just a bit harder to screw the base of the EVOD onto the tank, but also won’t allow fluid up into the mouthpiece.
    If you’re short on these silicon tubes/caps – take one off a (discarded) CE4 clearomizer (atomizer) and trim down the length of the tube part to match the length of the EVOD atomizer cap. ie, find what fits and works!
    I keep a piece of wire with the end 1/4″ bent out to the side to ‘fish these caps off’ the tank’s air hole tube when refilling. Tis a bit of a bother, but so much nicer (worth it) to not deal with gurgling noise, taste or irritant.
    A dental pick might work well also.

  2. Izzy Munoz says:

    I found your take on using the sponge to be a great idea. I am using a Kanger Protank II and I am needing to know what I can use for a wick. I really don’t have any access to any thing around town as of now. Can you offer some suggestions?

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