So you want a chance to get the Kanger Protank!

The Novabroadcasting show is a live vape fan  show where Smokie and VaperJoe and MandyKat talk about vaping.  Its fun, its uncensored and it cuts strait to the chase.  Viewers of the show receive free products just for watching and contributing.

If you know me, Sun Vapers aka (Edward) works hard, and we play hard too!  So I have no issues shipping the Kanger Protank Prototype to the winner.  Watch Saturday 7pm Pacific 10Pm Eastern. I will be in the chat section occasionally saying something off topic on accident.

Everyone who wants a chance to win sign up for an account at Justin.TV and show up.  They will ask people to type a number and if you pick the right number you win the Kanger Protank.  There will also be other giveaways.

7PM West-coasters 10Pm East-coasters and the middle well you know!


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